With the Shih tzu breed I encountered for the first time in 1998. when for my birthday I got my Frida. She came to our family after many years of convincing my parents to increase the family.

My family comes fron the city on four rivers, Karlovac. Although we lived in an apartment, I spent my free time in the nature playing with my pets.

Frida was a beautiful gold-white female with whom I made our first show steps.

In 2000. in my home came the second female, Tafy- full name Pia-Bardo Reedkis-Do.

From the first Tafy's litter with USA Ch. Shafer's Crimson Pride beauty Soraya stayed at home.

Showing Frida, the shows grew to me, so all these years I'm a regular participant on dog shows - Tafy as well as Soraya are proud to be Ch. -Hr.


In the year 2005 I registered my own Kennel "Frida Little Pearl" so I look forward to the challenge of producing typical Shih tzu's in appearance as well as in temperament.

The next girl who stole our hearts is Tayra - daughter of my Tafy and Multi Ch. Vixax Dark Side Of The Moon. At her first show from baby class BIS BABY was hers :-), and wins carried on. She finished her show carrier with titles ChJ. MNE, HR  & Ch. MNE, SLO and HR.

In 2010. my husband Marijo and I moved to a house in beautiful countryside near Karlovac where my dogs have a garden for play, and it's time for a new show prospect ;-)